• Handcrafted Jewellery by Christine Snoeijer
  • Crafted

    With hammers, flame and attention to detail
  • Unique

    The beauty of imperfection means no two pieces are the same
  • Lasting

    Made to not only last, but improve over time
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About Patina

Patina is the jewellery range created by Christine Snoeijer. Her love for raw materials such as pure silver and gold comes from working with their weight, purity, malleability, the way they yield to your touch and their enduring longevity.

Christine has always strived to achieve the balance and beauty reflected in life and the strength we all have within us in the pieces she creates. Her trademark is her artistic skill in combining the rough and solid substance of pure gold’s and silvers and crafting them into timeless and striking hand crafted jewellery designs that capture a moment and tell your story.

Christine believes that jewellery has no boundaries, it should be real and raw with a purity that is timeless and it should be an expression of our own self and self belief and that adorning yourself with jewellery should be fun and occasionally a cheeky slap in the face to the school of hard knocks. It is with this ethos to jewellery design and life in mind that Christine opened her jewellery workshop retail salon in Thorndon, a space where you can come to buy an eclectic range of local, national and international designers or where you can have a consultation to commission your own personalised pieces.

Meet Christine


Our Jewellery Range

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    Bracelets & Bangles

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  • Commissions

    When you come into Patina's Wellington workshop we take you on a visual, tactile journey through the process of together creating a bespoke hand crafted piece of jewellery. Whether you have a vision for your own piece of jewellery or wish to create a gift to celebrate or commemorate someone special.

    Here at Patina we use pure gold, 18ct gold, pure silver, sterling silver, rose gold, copper, brass, bronze and a variety of other materials such as wood, resins, leather, twine, cord etc. Beautiful faceted or cabochon precious and semi precious stones such as aquamarine, citrine, peridot, topaz and zirconium. We favor pure silver and pure gold as it has great colour, is more malleable making it a delight to work with and its character develops over time with wear.

    Each commissioned piece of jewellery we create starts with an initial consultation, we have a large selection of jewellery books and digital images for you to explore and be inspired by.
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9 Riddiford Street, Wellington

Ph +64 4 5898321